UX/UI resources Submission Guidelines and Requirements.
Last updated January 15, 2022
Design Guidelines
  • •   Build product design based on a logical design flow that includes at least one best-case scenario.
  • For example, if you want to create a full e-commerce project, you must include the home page, search results page, view item details, shopping cart, checkout and a thank you page
    If you want to go one step further, you can also include login, signup, account sections, orders, emails and anything else which boosts UI.

  • •   Be creative! Try to think outside the box and come up with a fresh design idea that supports your portfolio and sales.
  • •   Adherence to UX design standards, principles and consistency is essential so that other designers and startups can review, consume, maintain, and extend your designs.
  • •   We encourage you to include workflows or userflows for your design. It may be optional, but it’s a great way to build an image of professionalism and to make your design more cohesive to potential clients.
  • •   If you would like to sell a separate screen, it is advisable that you provide best practices for it or highlight that it contains a new idea.
  • •   Pro Tip – visualize which screens are used most!
Files Structure and Guidelines
  • •   Use established and smart design tools such as Sketch, Figma or XD.
  • •   Use standard artboard sizes to adjust content when resizing.
  • •   Use smart layer & typography styles, and boost your layer organization using “/” to display the contents hierarchically.
  • •   The design theme should be flexible for customization through the use of symbolic components in a centralized place.
  • •   Name and order your artboards consistently.
  • •   Design files must be professionally organized with all layers grouped and named appropriately.
  • •   For all UI Kits resources, you should provide a style guide that includes typography, color and main components styles.
  • •   Use varied and realistic dummy data.
  • •   Make sure that all icons are vectors and/or exportable.
  • •   If the design includes licensed assets, make sure these files (such as images, vectors or fonts) are properly licensed for commercial use.

Upload Requirements
  • •   The ZIP file must include all source file(s), fonts and URLs of any licensed assets.
  • •   The design preview must include clear images to effectively showcase your design.
  • •   You should list the features and description of your design in a clear way.
  • •   For example:
  • •   List the number of pages included.
  • •   Describe what the project is designed for.
  • •   The number of themes or modes.

Do’s and Don’t’s!
  • •    Do ensure there are no empty groups, groups with only a single layer, or layers that serve no purpose.
  • •    Don’t include duplicate screens or unnecessary components.
  • •    Don't clone or repeat any free design themes, assets or resources that already owned by other designers.
  • •    Do yourself proud with an original, compelling and clean design!

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