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Designed by Ohaio Team in eLearning compatible withfigma logo
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Studenify Mobile Apps

eLearning, Mobile
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  • tick iconComunity Discussions
  • tick iconQuiz
  • tick iconStudent Leaderboard
  • tick iconTracking Student Performance
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Design Description


We present you, Studenify Mobile Apps UI Kits, this is an online learning media application, where in addition to learning users can also discuss directly in each subject and form a learning community, besides that there is also a leaderboard for all users and performance tracking to find out what subjects are the advantages of users.

Consist of:

  1. Onboarding
  2. Login & Register
  3. Forget Password
  4. Home Screen
  5. Course List & Details
  6. Quiz
  7. Leader Board
  8. My Performance
  9. Comunity
  10. My Profile
  11. Settings